Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Night Theater Presents: Winter Wishes

The Night Theater Presents:

Winter Wishes

A fun show of dreams and wishes for this time of year. The Dreamdancers ahve worked their magic to bring you a few of their winter hopes and dreams to life. With 2 numbers choreographed by JenzZa Misfit & Martty and another by Sarah.

To satisfy the requests of our audience, we are performing Winter Wishes one last time, before all the snow melts away. So if you could´t get in last time due to the unfortunate simlimit changes, or simply haven´t had time yet, come by and see the show on:

Thursday January 15th @ 11 am slt.

And, we have moved! So new surroundings to explore and hang out in;)

Slur to the new location: