Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Milky Way Cabaret Seeks Performers for RFL Fundraiser Event

Thank you for your interest in the Milky Way Cabaret and for our ultimate goal, fund-raising for the Relay For Life campaign.

We know, as a professional, that your time is extremely valuable and we wish to make this as efficient and as enjoyable as possible. Below you will find a brief questionnaire that will help us understand and prepare for your participation in the Milky Way Cabaret.

The Milky Way Cabaret is a dance/music variety show much like other shows on the grid such as Guerilla Burlesque, Club Image, Elysium, Winds of the Sahara, Lady Garden Cabaret, etc. just to name a few. The show differs somewhat in that it is performed several times over the course of the SL Science Fiction Convention (mainly to reach the widest possible audience). The audience for the most part is not composed of your typical burlesque/cabaret fans, but rather Sci Fi fans, geeks and roleplayers.  From our experience,  this will be their first exposure to cabaret style productions and we have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction from most. Another key difference you should be aware of is that, this is a charity event and as such all proceeds and donations will go directly to official Relay for life kiosks. As a general rule, no staff, crew, or performer will be compensated for their participation. However, the organizers have agreed to help bear the cost of putting on this show and this extends to assisting guest performers with reasonable costs.

As of now, we are scheduled to perform six shows over the course of the convention; (all times in SLT)

1 pm Saturday, February 21
6 pm Saturday, February 21
6 pm Sunday, February 22
1 pm Saturday, February 28
6 pm Saturday, February 28
8 pm Sunday, March 1

We are also open to one or two midweek performances if we have the cast and crew to support it.

The theme is generally SciFi which by broad definition, includes; Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Gor (PG-13 only), post-apocalyptic, superheros and villains, and even some fantasy genres.  We would like to stay within these genres where possible but we are open to any burlesque/cabaret performance as long as it is subtable for a general audience (no nudity, overtly sexual, graphically violent, or culturally/religiously/socially intolerant themes).

We know many of you have a backlog of SciFi and related past performances. We welcome these as well as new creations if you are so inclined.

Here is what we need from you.

1) - Name of your act and brief description

2) - Song title

3) - Solo or group (if group, will you require dancers from our cast or provide your own)

4) - Dates you are available to perform

5) - Dimensions of your set

6) - any special requirements of the venue (such as use of Arrehn Oberlander's stage rezzer or camera system)

Please drop NCs to Imrhien Fargis, any questions please IM her.

Thank you!!

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