Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 One Billion Rising for Justice - Seeking Performers

When: Feb. 11-16 the event on Feb 14.

 In honor of OBR Prim Perfect will have four sims full of art, music and activities all dedicated to rising for justice. Stop the violence against women! We would love it if you were interested in being a part of it. We are looking for 2d and 3d artists for this event.

 Here is the Timetable:

•Set up Sim Day: Tuesday 10th February
•Artist Build Day: Wednesday 11th February
•Artist Build Day: Thursday 12th February
•Press Day: Friday 13th February
•Event: Saturday 14th February
•Open Day for Art viewing: Sunday 15th February
•Take down Day: Monday 16th February

Seeking dancers to perform on February 14th, your own dances that you have created that will show support for OBR 2015.  Time of the dance show is to be determined.  Any dancers from any troupes, or independent, all dancers are welcome to perform in support of this worthy event!

Please send a notecard with the title 2015 OBR - (your name) to Taralyn Gravois if you are interested participating.