Friday, January 16, 2015

IDLE ROGUE PRODUCTIONS presents MAYFAIR - The Stories of the Mayfair Witches

MAYFAIR - The Stories of the Mayfair Witches
based on characters from the novel "The Witching Hour", by Anne Rice

Brought to you by the team behind "Guerilla Burlesque" and "Le Cirque de Nuit", "Mayfair" tells the stories of a dynasty of powerful witches ...  and the demon who caters to their every whim.

The setting is a garden party at the old Mayfair mansion on First Avenue in the Garden District of New Orleans. The notorious are-they-or-aren't-they family has always drawn it's fair share of speculation, with wild tales of a purse full of coins that never runs out, and a mysterious man whom only some can see. 

But the Mayfair witches have endured shattering tragedies along with their immense power. What does the comely Lasher want from them? And is any witch strong enough to control him?

Join us in the gardens of the Mayfair mansion. It's the most beautiful hour of the evening, and the soft deep sky is dimming to twilight. Surrounded by friends old and new,
the legends unfold before your eyes ...

January 21 at 7pm
January 22 at 7pm
January 23 at 7pm
January 24 at 2pm and 7pm
January 25 at 5pm

Reserved Seating
To maximise sim performance, seating for this event will be strictly limited to 40 audience members, with a total of 240 unique seats across 6 performances.
Seating can be reserved by members of the inworld group "Guerilla Burlesque Exclusive". Strict conditions will apply, please contact Franney for further details.

Membership to Guerilla Burlesque Exclusive costs $1000L.

Performance enhancement:
Dance entertainment uses a large portion of a sim's resources, and Idle Rogue Productions strive to give you the best entertainment experience. We want you to enjoy your visit with us, and will not harass you to modify your avatar or observe script limits to stay on the sim. However there are several things you can personally do to gain more enjoyment from the show,
and to assist our performance

:: Arrive early, and allow your computer processor time to cache the environment and the animations
:: Switch off or preferably remove scripted items to free up resources we need for special effects. Check items like jewellery and hair for weighty scripts. An assessment tool will be available at the landing point on the Idle Rogue sim, we encourage you to use it, but we promise we will never hassle you about normal avatars
:: Remove facelights and particle effects to enjoy those we have planned as part of the production
:: Switch off nametags
:: "Mayfair" employs Arrehn Oberlander's scripted camera technology to help you see the important parts of the show. You must be seated with your camera in the default position to utilise this technology
:: Your host Franny Glass can help you with these ideas when you book. Please ask for an appointment to choose seating and go over best practice if this would be useful you.