Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Kit Kat Club - New Troupe Seeking Dancers

  The Kit Kat Club and Cabaret
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     ***** AUDITION******

Are you a Dancer who can Build?  
Wanna have a reason to build more?
Are you a builder who wants to dance?
Or are you tired of stripping?
Do you have a good dance system?

Then you should come and audition to join the Kit Kat Team!

This will be a once monthly event where you get to be the center of attention!!

****We are looking for Dancers and an MC who can commit to one day a month.*****

What we will be expecting at the Audition:

1. A set.  
Yes an actual set. It can be anything you want. Please try to keep it to 300 prims or less and it should be NO BIGGER than the stage attached to this notice. Feel free to incorporate fades, rotates, any scripts, particles...go nuts. 

****Being able to build a set or knowing someone who will build for you is important if you want to dance. We can help but we cannot build your whole set for you***** 

IM Kismet Coy for a copy of the Kit Kat stage for you to build on.

2. A costume. 
I know this seems obvious but I have seen things.....
The costume should suit the act.

3. You choose the song!
We require your song choice be cleared with us at least 24 hrs. before the Audition! 
Please don't choose a song that is longer than 8 minutes. You can message Kismet Coy in world with the youtube link or email it as an attachment to Kismetxcoy@gmail.com

4. You must do a full act.
That means dancing, some emoting, stripping down to pasties and a g-string during one song. It's not as daunting as you think:)

We are a Burlesque Club which means Pasties and a thong...Your lady Garden must be covered as well as those nipples! Less trash, more sass and class!

We expect all those auditioning  to have a dance HUD or at least know how to use one. 4-6 dances are required. 

5. Quality skin and clothes...
no freebies...well not freebies that look like freebies.

6. We will not be judging you publicly.

What do you get out of it?

1. Tips. Who doesn't like to earn Lindens?
2. Fun
3. Be part of something Unique!

*****The Auditions will be held on January 17th and 23rd 2015 at 330 SLT at the Kit Kat Club. This will be a closed audition which means you may have 1 person for moral support...Please leave the rest of the clan at home!

Everyone is welcome to come by and see the club!

Please Come in Costume and ready to dance:)

If you need a different time, Message Kismet or Levinah and we will see what we can do!

Just a disclaimer that needed explaining. 
***We are looking for Dancers who can commit to at least one day a month. We are looking to keep permanent dancers. Should this become popular enough and we have the time it may be more than once a month. My goal is to see it happen once a week. Bearing that in mind, this is just like dancing for any other club. The house takes 10% of your tips on performance nights which we feel is fair since we are providing the venue and the patrons.

Good luck to everyone who auditions we can't wait to see what you can do!


KIsmet Coy and Levinah Graywolf