Friday, January 30, 2015

Please Remove All Unneeded Scripts!. Thank you.

 If running scripts are a real concern at performances, then why not disable them for everyone except the staff group who needs to perform on stage? Might it help improve show quality?

 So I had the discussion and of course the discomfort to those with non-viewer-embedded AOs came to light. I could be wrong but I think it prevents the running of new scripts. If you arrive already running an AO, you are good, unless you stop it. But what do I know. I get all my knowledge from reading the tabloids. Ask me about the Kardashians. Anything.

 So what other reasons are worthy of mention as to why this is not an idea worthy of consideration? Do any venues disable scripts now?

 Yes when its time to free-dance, people can't use their dance huds. Could you flip it back on at the end of the show, and inconvenience people who want to use their own personal dances huds to tp out and back in? 

If I am missing something obvious, which is so often the case, then I will crawl away red-faced.