Monday, December 15, 2014

Winds of the Sahara Cabaret Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen Can I get your attention please!!!

This has been a stressful few weeks knowing the Winds would be closing, after just 20 months since we emerged from the sand. Since learning of the news, I have been looking at options, including the ones that came from other venues who stepped forward, to include some sim owners, friends and even friends of friends. I was, and still am,  very grateful for those people stepping forward. It gave me hope that saving the Winds would be possible. With that said thank you Paul from the Empire Room, Path from Paramount Theatre, Votarn from the I Patch,  Anekee & Family, CeasonlySu, Ally, Ashley, Cherri, Kitten, K3W, Winnie, and Cyllene AKA Chrissy.

Working with a few of the people mentioned above made it possible that the Winds was able to secure a new parcel to call our new home on the "Gateway" Sim. A very special thank you to you all for opening up your Sim to allow us to be there, and to the ones helping us to finance this parcel. As many of you know, Sims are not free in SL so always remember to tip the venues and Sims when you can as they do appreciate your help even if it is not always vocalized.

After tonights show the Winds will still close our doors, but for the holidays ONLY as we have shovels and will dig out of this sand storm coming to swallow up this cabaret soon. When we get it dug back out, and all the sand swept outside, we will open the doors and invite you all to come see what was discovered under the sand. In the meantime, we ask that you keep notices turned on and watch the blog as we will be keeping you updated with our progress. Who knows maybe I will even learn how to work the blog during this down time.

Before I finish, I want to take a moment to thank the ones who have made the Winds what we are today.  20 months ago we started out with a build this cabaret, and a handful of performers along with friends and a few curious people. Now 20 months later, we have a huge group of wonderful ladies and a few gentleman on the staff of performers, here at the Winds. Our guests have grown from those few friends and curious people to us needing to set a cap to limit the number of people on the Sim so we can still bring you the quality show you all have enjoyed to come to expect when visiting the Winds. You the guest who take the time from your busy RL & SL to sit through our show every week. A huge thank you to all of you. You are the best. In closing, Happy Holidays everyone no matter how you celebrate them.

Rebecca Dembo, Owner of Winds of the Sahara Cabaret