Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sneak Peek! Christmas ExtravaDanza!

The first show is TONIGHT!!  No need to pout, cry or shout... Santa Claus IS coming to town AND he is taking YOU for a magical journey on his sleigh!  A sim-wide winter wonderland awaits, with reindeer stopping along the way for you to enjoy the splendor of Christmas, celebrated with music and dance!

* A sleigh ride across a winter wonderland of spectacular dances, celebrating Christmas around the world and through time!

* From the North Pole to Whoville, a lighted ice palace to Victorian charm, frozen forest fantasy to rusty Holden utes, this very special show will be a highlight of your holiday season.

* Some of SL's most dedicated dancers have been working very hard to create a Christmas ExtravaDanza for your enjoyment.

* Featuring a sim-wide venue built by RestlessSoul Blackheart!  Bring your camera and stay after the show to tour the sim, ice skate, have snow ball fights, and line up to sit on Santa's lap.  You are invited to enjoy the sim and take lots of pictures!

SexyS Quintessa
BabyP von Phoenix
Gunner von Phoenix
Chandra Meehan
Dragon McMasters
Misse Tigerpaw
Setsuna Hirano

Miss SexyS Quintessa

Dec. 17th at 9pm SLT
Dec. 19th at 9pm SLT
Dec. 20th at 1pm SLT
Dec. 21st at 1pm SLT
FINE PRINT: Not all choreographers will perform at every show

This very special holiday presentation is the final offering on LEA12, the sim granted to Euphoria by Linden Endowment for the Arts.  In its final month, it features ExtravaDanza, the new dance troupe directed by SexyS Quintessa, in a Christmas around the world and through time production!  Mark your calendars and bring your wish list, plan to stay after the show and enjoy the sim... great photo opportunities, snow ball fights, ice skating, and a chance to sit on Santa's lap!


Believing is seeing!!  We got THE GRINCH!!