Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh my, I think, I just meshed all over myself

Ok so here's the deal. I dont understand mesh. I am mesh-challenged. I am asking for your help. Let's have an open discussion on the topic and compare notes. Dispel myths. There is no place (well that i know of) that discusses the pros and cons of the various mesh-makers. Let this be a source of combining what we all know and what we all think we know. So its more important than just giving me a link to a site that talks about mesh. Its important to know we we all feel we know.  

So yes, unless I am reprimanded by the powers that be, I am going to name names. 

UPDATE WARNING: One, maybe more, of the vendors listed below MAY have had a DCMA filed against them according to rumor. Investigate. proceed at your own risk. This can discourage clothing makers from creating clothes for them and may render your purchase at less than optimal expected value.

The Mesh Project, 
Lina Lush,

Names I've heard bandied about often. And feel free to bring up others. This is not intended to be a promotion in disguise but a forum for public discourse on the topic we are all talking about privately. I am sure we will all . And why is mesh important? Well rumor is SL2 will be all mesh. The death to prim bodies and accessories. So whether we like it or not.

I want to understand: More to the point I want to know what your understanding of these questions are? Are we all in agreement. Is what we think we know outdated? So lets play (literally) 20 questions.

  1. What are mesh feet? Resizable. Tintable?
  2. What are mesh hands? Resizable. Tintable?
  3. What is a mesh body? Who makes them with a face? Without a face?
  4. Skin? How do get them? Where? Who makes them for mesh?
  5. Mesh clothes. Hard to get? More/less expensive? How do they associate with mesh bodies and vendors?
  6. Mesh shoes? resize-able? tintable? Accessorize-able? Stockings? Nails?
  7. Appliers. What are they? Pros and cons. Who makes them?
  8. Compare pros and cons and features of the various makers
  9. Is there anything prim that i can use with mesh?
  10. Are mesh bodies adjustable?
  11. Is there such a thing as adjustable mesh shoes?
  12. Is there such a thing as adjustable mesh clothing
  13. Difference between rigged mesh and fitted mesh? Or is there one?
  14. What is materials? Wny do I care?
  15. What are my choices in matching skin tones, coloring clothes, shoes. What, if anything did/will the old fat-pack become? Same? Different?
  16. Is there such a thing as mesh hair or is this a stupid question? I am so clueless.
  17. Some makers have been pulled due to DCMA violations. How is that determined? How can I insure I won'l lose stuff i buy cause the vendor was found out to be in violation of copyright.
  18. Does mesh look good while dancing? Better or worse than prim? Will I look better nude than with prim? Does mesh clothing flow better during dancing? Worse?
  19. What existing problems does mesh address?
  20. What new problems does it create?
And on a side I the only one who buys shoes and shoes and hair and hair but end up wearing the same 2 or 3 hairs and same 1 or 2 pairs of shoes? What is this psychological disorder called?

The Yumster