Sunday, December 28, 2014

"Sorry, But We're Having Technical Difficulties..."

" know how SL can be...please be patient with us and we return as soon as possible. Thank you"

So lets talk about them. Is it possible we can help each other with solutions we've found? What kind of difficulties have you had? You can speak on the low-low and stay anonymous.

If there something that would help, what would it be, other than SL performing better and more reliably cause...not much we can do about that.

Yes, this is an open biatch-session, so biatch-on. (Where is The Guinness Book of Records?...this is my shortest post ever)

Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft


  1. Hi yes i have a dancer who likes to have 2 avatars loged at same time, one to roleplay and the other one to work as dancer,often she crash,is slow to sit on the mover and often she cant concentrate to sit on the right mover, any idea?

  2. Good ball-sitters are hard to find. I would file a complaint to the ball-sitters union. Of course the ball-sitter in question is entitled to have their union rep present before you confront her and on top of all that...rumor has it that they will be striking after 1st of year to raise the minimum-wage so i would try to find some scabs in advance...or maybe stage a "lockout" and hold out until forced into a collective bargaining agreement...and forced arbitration.

    During this standoff period,, I'd look into hiring mechanized ball-sitters.

  3. Lol Yummy - a ball-sitters union. That's hilarious!
    As for the 'biatch-session' - I just wish people would educate themselves about how to get the best performance from their machine. There are soooo many variables - but you can make things easier on you and the people around you by doing a few simple things.
    1) Facelights - don't wear them. They're soooo 2009. :-D
    2) Descript your jewelry, hair, and shoes - these are usually the biggest culprits for lag. If you don't want to delete the scripts, make a copy of the items and then delete them.
    3) If you are on a wireless network, turn your max bandwidth down to 500. It will run better, I promise.
    4) Arrive early!!! This is probably the biggest one. 45min to an hour before the show, performers are caching stages, props, particles, costumes, dances - if you get there 1 min before show time, you are NOT going to see the show as it was intended. Park your avi and go have a sandwich. :-D

    1. I wonder how many in the audience would appreciate 'something to look at' if they are expected to wait an hr. Even bad amateur acts, a live singer, a tribute band, bad-joke tellers, live carnal act, (ok maybe not live, will settle for a video..oh...did I misspell carnival? spellcheckers *sighs*). ...I know some super-anal performers use an alt and are caching stuff while they perform with their main catch the latecomers...Its getting crazy out there

    2. even better idea...offer reserved seating for a fee...i'd pay 250 - 350 so i could arrive 15 minutes before instead of one hr plus

    3. The problem with that, Yummy, is that, while you might be happy with not having to be present until 15 min before showtime, you likely won't have had time to cache everything in order to see the show - imagine missing mesh feet, mesh hands, floating heads because of mesh bodies, etc.
      Unfortunately, that's a constraint of the technology and so far one that no one has found a way to avoid. If they have, please, please, please - SHARE!!!

  4. Our experience with external acts before a show were always the same. They would bring the fan club and fill the place up (mainland 40 people max), then when they finished, they would sprint out the door and the fan club would go with them. Mean while you had a transitional period where nobody or very few people could get in to view the show.

    Although that would not effect Moons any more as we play to each other, I imagine any club that gets near sim limits would just end up infuriated. If the external act is not part of the main show, its not worth doing.

    Much the same as having a live performer after a show. Once the shows over, the people that came for a show all bugger off, and you may get the people that follow the live singer arrive. Even above that, I have seen many place have the owners or staff DJ after shows. Good for them that want to stick around and banter, but most people just come for the show and leave.

    Ideally what used to work for us when we got big crowds, was to have a few chatty loud members of the group who could keep the conversation flowing. We used to dress Angelic Loon and her entourage in cigarette girl outfits, stick the Maitre'D tag above their heads and they would always keep the early arrivals entertained by the way of wit and conversation.

  5. Well there are a lot of things performers can do, to reduce lag on their systems. Of course dropping their draw distance to like 80. But, open your Advanced menu (Control/Alt/D, then find it at the top of your monitor), left click Rendering Types, and UNTICK clouds, grass, ground, water, sky, trees. You can turn all these back on by relogging or simply reticking them.

    Venues can be in the sky so no one has to load all the heavy ground textures. Also, seated avatars are not seen by the server so this is a huge help in reducing lag. Avatars standing around create lag whereas seated avs (avs on any poseball or similar, doesn't have to be sitting position) are invisible to the server. Performers should also be on posestands whilst (yes I used the word 'whilst' in a sentence) between performances.

    And this does not sound nice, but if lag is really belting you up, it will allow you to perform. Performers can derender things they don't need to see for their acts, and can even derender other avatars if they are struggling with lag. You can go to People and highlight blocks of names, right click and select derender. It is not a nice thought but I have had to do this several times, it was either that or not be able to perform at all. It was the only way I could MOVE much less perform on a sim of 101 people. This takes the stress off your system so you can dance. I imagine a bit of temp derendering would help the audience with rezzing, lag, and crashes as well. All you have to do to get back anything (or anyone) you have temp derendered is TP away and come back, or relog.

    All of these tactics used together can help even people with weak computer systems or internet to perform. I know one gal who is a wonderful dancer but had quit because she could not perform due to lag, she kept crashing. But she tried these tactics and was blissfully able to dance with no worries. She was thrilled to be able to perform again! I was very happy for her, and so happy to see her return to dance.