Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Writers Block

I heard that all the writers in the world live on one block. They call it the writers block. I want to know if any of you live there? Who are you? Come out of the closet. If you don't live on this block, do you want to? Its the one talent nobody talks about in the DQ community. We look for choreographers, ball-sitters, costumes, animations, scripters, special fx (saw a request for one), costume-creator, (saw a request for one), producers (saw a request for two), DJs, set-builders, but never a writer or am I wrong?. Isn't there a place for them now that some shows are moving in that direction? That of theatrical dance...whatever that may entail? Neo-Neo Burlesque?

1 - Are you a writer out of the closet?
2 - Are you a writer still in the closet?
3 - Do you write fact of fiction? 
4 - Do you have an idea for a story that you think could be told thru dance (or not?)
5 - Do you yearn to write but never have and not sure if you can?

6 - Do you have a story to tell? If so, what song or songs would best tell it, if any? 
7 - Do you write drama or comedy mainly? Or both Are your stories and/or ideas, image-able or abstract? Do you write Sci-fi? Fantasy? Mystery? Erotica? Other? 
8 - Do they involve people? Human? Non-Human?
9 - Is there a place for writers in the dance community? or not so much?
10 - Would a good writer help a solo act? A group act? Obviously it would a theatrical-dance production.

11 - Are you accessible? Are you too busy to discuss your ideas with someone who might be interested or can you find time in you schedule to sit down and discuss becoming involved in 'something' that makes use of your writing skills?

This I think is the hardest of the talents to imitate in SL without simply copying something that is already commercial and doing a parody on it. Its the hardest to do WELL and make us believe it and hold our attention. To have us truly suspend disbelief. To make us wonder, take us on a journey, as opposed to 'knowing whats coming'.

the Yumster