Thursday, December 4, 2014

Elysium Cabaret's 2nd Anniversary Show!

Elysium Cabaret turns two on December 7th, 2014!  To celebrate, we are performing a "Best Of" show on Friday, December 5th, starting at 6pm SLT.  Some of your favorite dancers will revisit some of your favorite acts!  Featuring an exciting special guest performance from Dragon McMasters and La Oro's Unleashed Ladies and Gents, plus a brand new act from Babypea: Des'ree - Kissing You.  The show concludes with some of the funnest crowd dances ever, from Jilley.

Welcome to the weekend!

Check out what we have planned:
Gunner: Zoot Suit Riot
Selene: Bang Bang
Kyshra: Show Me How You Burlesque
Dragon: Apache - Robotic Ladies and Gents Take 2
Maar: I'm your Boogieman
Wiz: Life Is a Highway
Myth: Gods and Monsters
Queenie: Lullaby
Jilley: Alien
Babypea: Kissing You

In The Empire Room at the Copperhead Road sim!  Hope to see you there!