Thursday, September 27, 2018

THE DEBAUCHE Final Show Of The Season

Saturday 29th September, 1pm The Trophy Room
(Sim will open to all for the show at 12pm SLT)

Yes, Debauche perform one more time at the Trophy Room, for their farewell show. It will be a wonderful occasion, full of joy, thrills, romance and sexiness. New routines, classic routines, all in one magical show.

And where better than the Trophy Room for such a show? A wonderful sim full of fun, frolics and a delicious wealth of possibilities? We love it here. You will too.

Please come join us for our FAREWELL SHOW at the Trophy Room, Saturday 29th September, 1pm SLT

Debauche - the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

(By the way, its only September we are saying farewell too. We will return very soon after a short break xxxx)

Dress semi-formal please.
NO FACELIGHTS as they are an abomination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come see the show!