Monday, September 10, 2018

Crystal Edge Dancers

Crystal Edge Dancers
Friday September 14th - 3PM SLT

This Month The Crystal Edge Dancers will be on stage dancing to the voice of Haley Reinhart ......A good fun Show based on the flower Power days of the 60's and 70's

Choreography is by Diddy Hyun (Dids) and performing on stage with her are the Crystal Edge Dancers
 Saronda, Darcy., Ade and Hbomb

We all would love to see you here in the audience relaxing and enjoying your selves as we entertain you .a great way to socialize with friends and also to make new friends.

TIME OF SHOW ---------3 PM SLT -------The doors are open from 2.30 slt to give you time to grab your seats and get comfy .
LOCATION --------please note this is a new LM because we have recently moved 

Come see the show!