Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Innovation Circus

DATE:Saturday 22nd September
TIME: 2PMSLT (18H Brasil)

Innovation Circus was conceived from a different idea of shows already shown in second life. Not just a dance show, but a circus soul show. Cheerful and fun.
This show has been in preparation since December (2017), due to its complexity with effects, animations etc and general assembly.
Rehearsals have been done since June
It is a show set at Raizes do Brazil and will be presented at European times.
It also has the participation of two dance groups: Amazon Dancers and Breezes Dancers.

Breezes Dancers: akoya2011 Resident, Lucinda Boccaccio, SophiaEngland2 Resident, MonteRigi Monigal (also in Amazon Dancers), Daisy Heron and Venetia Cazalet.

Amazon Dancers: Cullum, Fe, Nixon, Ryimena, Reinah, Analoon, Analaura, bomxxx, Thelma, Noah, mcpol kamachi and Neiva

The show lasts 60 minutes and is divided into seven acts
1- presentation
2- clowns and ribbons
3- monkeys
4- pole
5- trapeze
6- magician and toreador
7- forest

Choreography and music: mcpol kamachi
Costumes and scenaries: Neiva, bomxxx and mcpol
Voice: Sabastian Nixon
Director of lighting: bomxxx
Stage Directors: Venetia and Neiva

Come see the show!