Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dance XCetera at Spoonful of Sugar

Dance Xcetera:  Spoonful of Sugar Festival - 
September 22nd @ 2p slt

In 1968  a group of young doctors decided to use their combined talents to help people who suffered as a result of war and major disasters.  Over the years they have reached out to almost every continent in the world to donate their time and efforts to those who desperately need medical attention at no charge to them.  Most of us are lucky, we live in countries where medical facilities are around every corner and getting the help we need for the most part is very easy to obtain.  It is unfortunate that medical help isn't available in a lot of countries and this is where these angels come in.  Come out and see us and show your support for this worthy cause.  Hosted by Aryanna Draken.  We hope to see you at the show!

Come see the show!