Thursday, September 6, 2018

Debauche - Two shows this weekend!

Saturday 8th Septemeber 1pm SLT
Debauche at Shadow Lands

Deabuche make another visit tot he magnificent theater in Shadow Lands for another great show.

Its such a pleasure to visit this great place, full of wonderful people.

Come join us.

Debauche. A little naughty, a lot sexy, always CLASSY


See you there at 1pm, Saturday 8th

Come see the show!

... and

Sunday 9th September 1pm SLT
Debauche at Bluemood

Debauche are thrilled and delighted to be returning to Bluemood.

Fast becoming a monthly highlight for us, this is a fantastic theater full of fantastic people who create a wonderful atmosphere for all.


Come be fantastic with us!

Sunday 9th September 1pm SLT Bluemood

Come see the show!