Thursday, July 12, 2018

Two Debauche Shows This Weekend!

Saturday 14th July at 1pm slt

This is a show simply do not wish to miss. 

Debauche are honoured and proud to be dancing once again at the Trophy Room, though this time to help Celebrate the Trophy Rooms 4th Anniversary.

Four years is so hard to believe for WOW how the years soon fly by.

The theme is Burlesque with an after party to follow. Fun galore with plenty of cheering and stamping of feet, clap your hands for even scream and shout. 

This will be a show that knows no boundaries, surprises and no doubt the odd one or two slight mishaps. 

Who knows and more to the point who cares?

Sim will be closed to general public until one hour before show time, remember to wear your best Burlesque outfit

(NOTE: Hi, this is R. I will be in the Centerfold act for this show, but as a model and not the photographer role. This means that Geordie will be photographing me, and I'll be photographing Geordie photographing me, and... this may cause a recursive loop which destroys the universe. So, some see the show that destroyed the universe! Sexy, racy, occasionally destroying the universe... BUT ALWAYS CLASSY!)

Sunday 15th July at 1pm slt

Been few months but Debauche are delighted to once again dance at this stunningly beautiful theater and sim..

Taka is based on the Oriental Japanese theme with so much detail you will simply love the feel.

The show begins at 1pm slt and sure promises to be a return that nobody will never forgets

Come see the show!