Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Harleyquin Workshops - July 14th through July 16th

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Harleyquin Workshops
July 14th - 16th
Presented by Eva Harley

I absolutely love teaching dance topics, sharing what I know, and learning in the process.

All are welcome and no registration is required – just come!  Workshops are in voice, so you do need to make sure you can hear voice.  If you prefer not to participate – feel free to come listen!  Comfy chairs and class notes provided.

Please arrive early to prepare and slap on your workshop HUD!  So that we can focus, I do close the sim when the workshop starts and usually can’t respond to IMs.

** What’s new?  You can now find workshop details on the blog!  An overview, the flow of the workshop, and helpful info to know.  Check out the view details link next to each for more info.

Harleyquin Workshop Central:   SLURL


    10 AM SLT – An Introduction to Troff

Troff is a music player specially designed for learning music and creating choreography – easily loop part of a song, create markers to return to specific sections, and includes a count in before playing – excellent for recording!    Workshop Details

    12 PM SLT –  Performance Director Workshop 2: Creating Routines and Groups

In this workshop we take all of the foundation we’ve covered to actually start creating routines and groups for animations, and also integrate your movers.  We will also configure buttons as you may for a performance.  All hands on, both individually and in small groups.  You will actually be creating and demonstrating a “performance” from the materials provided.  Workshop Details


    5 PM SLT – Choreo Designer Workshop 2, Building Routes

Second in a 3 part workshop – attend one or all depending on your current experience with this tool.   During this workshop we’ll be focused on building routes for a dance – smooth turns, movement, matching routes to choreography, and considerations when planning your dance routes.  We’ll also be introducing the statistics feature and the brand new additions to version 2.0 – turn time and normalize!    Workshop Details

** Requires the Spot On Choreography Design system version 2.0 to participate or as always everyone is welcome to come listen

Have an amazing week!

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