Friday, July 27, 2018

Phoenix Dance Team Seduction Show

Phoenix Seduction Performance
Saturday, July 28th, 2018 at 5pm

As the sun quietly sets in the distance, she walks around the room; her long strides accentuating the sensual curves of her body while the room is filled with the soft clicks of her lighter as each candle is illuminated one by one. The fire brings to life the shadows in the room as they dance a hypnotic tango against the chilled stone walls. Her eyes scan the room finding the perfect seat in which her view will be best. Nestling into the plush lounge she settles back, swirling a glass of chilled red wine. Her long fingertips caress the stem as she closes her eyes and thoughts begin to flood her mind. Unconsciously her bottom lip is chewed as images of their bodies , moving in unison, thrusting and pulsating while passions flare in a heated moment of seduction. Her eyes open and a coy grin appears quite pleased with the anticipation of what will be a very enticing party...

Please join the Phoenix Dance Team as we show you our versions of Seduction as the lights turn off for the night.

Directing will be:
Vanity Black - Nadi Zsun - Con Lorefield - Fafnir Kiranov - Gracie Lyonesse - Imrhien Fargis - Niecho Vollmar - JP Damien - Sebastain Bourne - SouthernComfort Magic

Dancers for the evening:
Bianka Glitterboots
Caranora Bravin
Tray Porthos
Gabi Barbosa
Laycie Pearl
Si De Brit
Hunter Zarco
Ame Starostin

With the talent and delight of DJ Caranora Bravin

Your limo to the show!