Thursday, July 19, 2018

Guerilla Burlesque: Burly Show

Guerilla Burlesque presents our very “BURLY” burlesque show!

You are invited to join us Friday July 20th at 10 pm for a special night of burly burlesque!! We have handpicked beautiful, delicious, sexy divas to perform in our newly-built intimate burly theater! This gorgeous build was the brainchild of Meegan Danitz, who will direct and be dancing in this production! An extraordinary show that will leave you hot under the collar and take your breath away! 

Each delicate dancer owning her own beauty and sensuality explored on stage, pulling us into her world. This is a special treat show folks the performances are first class and guaranteed you will be star struck! 

Seating opens at 9 pm for the 10 pm show opening!

Invite your friends! Let's wile away the hours and spend a flirtatious night together!