Monday, July 16, 2018

Name That Butt, Round 2

It's time once again to Name That Butt!

After shooting thousands of photos of dance performance in Second Life, I've gone a bit off my rocker.

I'll post a photo of someone's butt, and you try to guess who it belongs to.

Winds of the Sahara - July 15 2018

Put your guesses in the comments.

(And if you IM me with "Please shoot my butt!" I will respond with "PHRASING!")

Kitten, sitting at Winds of the Sahara.

If you guessed correctly, well done.

And if you didn't, you have plenty of time to cam around and study up before the next round of... Name That Butt!

1 comment:

  1. Hmm...let's apply some deductive reasoning here. Those look like Winds tip jars, for the Tropical Breeze theme show, so they were in attendance this past Friday. Yes, indeed, in the middle right side we can clearly see these are Winds chairs. The subject appears to have a tail....or err...something else's not that kind of show. Colonel Mustard did it in the Library with the Candle Stick!


    Has a tail
    Was at Winds on 7/15

    umm...that's all I got...