Wednesday, December 13, 2017

DQ Multi-Troupe Showcase

Join us for this special event as some of the best dancers and choreographers from around the grid come together to celebrate the love of dance. A beautiful variety of acts from class to sass and everything in between, gathering for the sole purpose of entertainment and awe.

Things are a bit different this time but same kind of fun! This time the directors will be Immy (imrhien.fargis) and Tray Porthos. The DJ will be Ame (amethyst.starostin) and music can be submitted to to the email address in the dance card.

There will be a notice with a dance card sent out but if you miss that notice there is a poster in the Dance Queens info center next to the calendar submission box where you can click to receive the same card.

The date of the next show is February 17th at 1pm SLT so be sure to get your cards in ASAP even if just to hold your spot in the show. You can drop cards to any of us, myself included (Web Sass.)

Let's hope this show is as much fun and as big a success as the last one!