Friday, December 29, 2017

Guerilla Burlesque last dance show of 2017!

Guerilla Burlesque last dance show of 2017!

Please join us for our final appearance at The Dickens Project on Lea7! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration and we invite you to join us Saturday night for our Dickens Revue show! This is our last show for 2017 before we break and take a few weeks off! Guerilla Burlesque would like to thank each and every one of you for your continuous support throughout the year! Without you it just wouldn’t be as much fun!

We look forward to 2018 with great excitement as we will be bringing you all new acts and adding spectacular new shows to our stage!

Show time: Saturday December 30th at 8 PM
Doors open at 7 pm for the 8 pm show!

*This will be your last chance to explore the Dickens Lea7 sim as this is closing night for this event! There are  many fun activates to participate In like Carriage or balloon tours, skating, sledding and a few other surprises to explore the and celebrating the work of one of the masters of 19th Century literature!
Join us at The Dickens Project!