Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What's in a name?

Twinghost Ronas wishes me a Happy Tuesday!
TwinGhost wishes me a Happy Tuesday. (He LOVES Tuesdays)

If you see someone named Dick, do you make penis jokes?
If you see someone named Gaylord, do you make fag jokes?
If you see someone named Pussy, do you try to fuck or fingerbang them?
My God, some of the names I see while I wander Second Life... and you think mine is strange?
But do I give them shit for it?

Let me explain my name... I own the domain, and I hosted subdomains on it to pay off some bills I had back then.
I also ran a political blog, and I got the name "Mr. Crap" from the local media.
It just kinda stuck, I guess.

This is what's in my profile picks:
"Why did you choose that name?" "Mariner was the best last name available then."
As my creator turned my key for the first time, he cut his hand on my chassis and shouted "CRAP!"
I thought he was saying my name.
It's okay to say my name. But if you have a problem with it,  my keyword alerts just key to "Crap" so I may not notice you talking to me.
Also, just because it's my name, doesn't mean it's an invitation to give me crap about it. And I certainly won't take it from you. Or, for that matter, sling it back.
Namecalling is far, far too cheap and easy.
Here's my keyword alert list:
Crap, rcm, RCM, crap, rcrap, Rcrap, RCrap

(I assume that people who use CRAP in all caps are either really pissed off at something or pissed off at me, so I don't want to know.)

And now, the questions:

  • How did you choose your name?
  • And what name would you choose now if you could do it all over again?
  • Or... have you started all over again with an alt just to get a fresh name?

If you want to bend this towards the bigger picture...

  • Why did you give your dance troupe that name?