Sunday, October 22, 2017

(The Dance Police are letting this week go to voicemail...)

I spent most of the weekend at the Dallas Music Jam, so I didn't shoot a lot of dance performances.

However, I made it back in time for Debauche's first birthday party.

I've been tormented by Laura's triple-backflip during her In The Air Tonight dance act for months.

I'm like Captain Ahab, except that I'm chasing a backflip, not a white whale.

"From Hell's heart, I snap photos of thee. For hate's sake, I use my last roll of film on thee."

Well, I finally got it.

The Backflip

Of course, now my quest is to get a closer shot of the backflip. Because this looks like she tripped and is about to faceplant.

Grrrrr... Dicky Moe... Dicky Moe...

Happy Birthday, Debauche.