Friday, October 20, 2017

Roguery Camp at Burn 2! Starts Oct 21st

So excited!
We at Guerilla Burlesque have been working hard to put together a camp for Second Life's Burning Man festival - BURN2.  We pitched the tent and our camp is designed for you, the Idle Rogues, to play, chill, interact and enjoy shows throughout the week of Burn2
It is custom to follow the Burning man theme and this year it is Radical Ritual! This event is all about the creativity of interactive rites, ritual processions, elaborate images, shrines, icons, temples, and visions. What lies between reverence and ridicule, faith and belief, the absurd and the stunningly sublime

Events will run for the next week and a half so come and share in the fun with us! We will have live music, dance shows, Rogue art, parties, DJs and interactive fun for you starting on Saturday, October 21st and ending Oct 28th!

We got it all happening this week so the only thing missing is you! We love you just as you are and you’re not required to dress up at all, but if any of these events inspires you to want to dress up let’s do it! Everyday there will be something different to do so keep checking the calendar to pick your event, plan your costume and come hang out with us at Burn!

Hope to see you there!
Your Bus to Camp!

Saturday 21st October
Opening Party
Particles: Chewie Dance: Sho

Sunday 22nd October
1PM Camp Shenanigans Gacha Powered Parade
5PM Playa Art Tour Guide: Thea Dee
8PM Guerilla Pit Traditional d. Chrissy Rhiano

Monday 23rd October
4:30PM Whymsee Interactive: RADICAL theme
8PM Guerilla Pit Freestyle d. Chrissy Rhiano

Tutu Tuesday 24th October
8PM: Twin Ghost
9PM: Funky Freddy
10PM: Blues Heron
11PM Live Music: Hazideon Zarco

Wednesday 25th October
1PM Camp Shenanigans - Critter Parade & Playa Tour
8PM Guerilla Burlesque Revue d. Thea Dee
9PM - Samhain Party DJ Maeve

Thursday 27th October
8PM: Erika Ordinary
9PM: Loreen Aldrin
10PM: Tallyesin

Friday 28th October
4:30PM Whymsee Interactive: RITUAL Theme
10PM: BURNLESQUE d. Blaze DeVivre
11PM: Leather and Lace Party DJ: Azabella

Saturday 29th October
10PM Guerilla Burlesque Revue d. Chryblnd Scribe
Rogue Desert Tribe Party DJ:chry Choreo: Sho