Thursday, October 5, 2017

Phoenix Dance Team - 10/7/17 @ 6pm

Please join us Saturday evening, October 3rd at 6pm slt for our performance at the Phoenix Theater. After our show, we will have the pleasure of having an amazing DJ spinning some great music out in our garden area from 7-9pm.…/SkyBeam%20Stowaway/…/1303

The night will be filled with very talented dancers, directors and choreographers from all over Second Life. We will have guest directors - Ayita and Misha -  this week. Also this evening, we will have a special dedication performance by SouthernComfort (SoCo) Magic. We hope that you enjoy your time with us.

Directors for the night will be :
❊ ❉ Lily Pussycat
❊ ❉ Fafnir Kiranov
❊ ❉ JP Damien
❊ ❉ Muse Baily
❊ ❉ Sebastain Bourne
❊ ❉ Taema Mynx
❊ ❉ Vanity Black

❊ Litz Pobieski
❊ Fukuju Amaterasu
❊ Kyser Mynx
❊ Ame Starostin
❊ Zach Starostin
❊ Nadi Zsun
❊ Tray Porthos

Our DJ for the night will be Caranora Bravin
Our Photographer - Deb Destiny