Monday, October 9, 2017

Proper Attire Required (Part 1)

When it comes to SL experiences, I believe in “cujus regio, cujus religio.”

It’s a phrase from the old Holy Roman Empire. It translates to “Whose realm, his religionInstead of imposing a single religion for the entire empre, the individual principalities and fiefdoms could choose for themselves. This one was Catholic, that one was Protestant.
(Does it really matter which when you’re the witch that they’re burning at the stake?)

It’s got me thinking. It’s got me concerned.

So, how does this apply to SL? Aren’t we trying to escape all that real world shit by coming here and playing and performing and making cool shit together? Yes… but… well…

Look, I administer a few regions. My contract is with Linden Lab. They have some core rules, some community standards everybody has to follow, you know, don’t be a racist, blah blah blah, Dulac is a perfect place, be sure to wipe your… face, and try not to bother us while we’re busy building this new VR thing, etc. and so forth. When was the last time that you read them?
Maybe go read them again and come back when you’re done? I’ll still be here, okay?

But after that, I can set the permissions and terms and Covenants for the neighborhood. There’s a few basic rules we follow, but the big common-sense one is “Don’t be THAT place.” Another one is Wheaton’s Law: “Don’t be a dick.” Oh, and “Either pay your share tier on time or let me know when it’s coming.” because rental boxes are just so damn annoying and cold. And the last one is: “What happens over 300 meters is none of my business, and not my problem. Or yours.”
I know there’s some freaky shit going on up there, right? Well, maybe… not sure… but… That’s the point. Not my problem. Or yours. We all want to be somewhere nice and quiet and beautiful.
Over time, we’ve kind of self-selected to form a community that doesn’t leave our junk and toys out on the yard. If we’re camming around and stop and go “Um, what?” then, yeah, there’s a problem.
You want to make a statement? There’s a lot of Mainland to make a statement. Enjoy. I think it works more often than not.

There used to be a Gorean sim near my neighborhood. People would teleport over to see what was across the water. Some of them were leading others on leashes. I’d get compliments from both. Weird, man. For some, that’s their thing. It’s roleplay. It’s escapism. It’s playing pretend by a shared set of rules. It’s the basis of a culture and community. Good for them, but that’s not my thing.
And a few would walk up to me and tell me that I was dressed inappropriately for a slave. Or that they were claiming ownership of me. My response to their rudeness was simple: kick and ban. Cujus regio, cujus religio.
(Heard of Moses, motherfucker? That slavery shit ended when we told the Egyptians to build their own damn pyramids and went for a thirty-year hike.)

And when I went to the visitors area of their sim, you know, curious, I was polite, cammed around, shopped a bit. Nice layout, good canals and bridges, and got a few ideas for my park. But I didn’t walk on to their roleplay turf to stir things up. Didn’t go around freeing slaves or kicking over oxcarts or flipping moneychanger tables at the tem- oops, okay, maybe not that biblical.
Once again, Cujus regio, cujus religio.

So what does this have to do with Dance Queens? Okay, I go to a lot of dance performances, and I shoot a lot of photos. I read the notices, and try to wear something appropriate for the venue.
The place I think of first when I think of Proper Attire Required is Frank’s Place. Everyone told me it’s a nice place, a good place to be seen. It’s the place that everyone goes just to get kicked out of for some reason or another. I swear, that must be their business model or something.
But, once again, cujus regio, cujus religio.
When I went there long ago, I got booted because of my name. So, the owner loses out on seeing “Crap Mariner paid you 100L.” notices since then. Kinda like how a pizza place that gives you a hard time isn't just losing out on selling you that pizza, but all the future pizzas. But they’re still around, that crazy hip Frank's Place, so they must make up for it in quality or traffic or something.
Fashion Fascism pays.

Once again, what does this have to do with Dance Queens? Well, here’s the entryway at a very popular and entertaining venue that hosts an excellent crew of performers.
Kiki's Burlesque - September 17 2017

As I said in a previous post, a group joiner is a good thing. Lets folks know how to get updates. And there’s a maqeuee overhead that tells when the next show is. But this post isn’t about group joiners.

Let’s look a little lower. If I see “Formal Attire Required” I try to look nice, but I’m not the gown-and-heels type. (I guess I never quite got over Frank’s Place putting me in my place for my name. Boo hoo.) Formal attire, looking nice, fitting the atmosphere. If you’re putting on a show, paying for the land, covering all the administrative hassles and headaches, okay, cujus regio, cujus religio. You make the rules. I can choose to follow them, or I can skedaddle and spend my money elsewhere. Money can talk, but it can walk out with the bullshit, right? Seeing as how I want to stay and shoot the pretty pictures for whatever reason that motivates me, I’ll dump as many scripted items as I can, and I’m usually in the green on the rare occasions that my name appears on the script checker boards. I’ll look decent, and not be too much of a drag on the resources. (Okay, let’s not get into the semantics of “drag” please?)

Thing is, some of the fancier ways to dress add more rendering cost and more scripts, right? People are bad enough about scripts as it is, although the regulars do try to switch between their "show" ensembles with all the movers and scripts and such as opposed to their public looks and outfits, which are less laggy and scripty. But every now and then, someone hops from their show to another's show, and they still have the heavy scripts... and they gotta pare it down. (Me, I just have my minimal impact outfits prepared, and I derender the shame board so I don't get on the peer-pressure bandwagon. That's for the hosts to deal with, eh.)
But I've found a correlation between fancy and lag, and lag is kind of the silver bullet in the heart of the SL dancing werewolf we're trying to all avoid, right?
Hrm... werewolves... non-humans... that reminds me...

Oh, let's just take a breather here and think about what I've gone over so far...
  • Do you have a dress code at your venue? Why?
  • Do you have other limitations, such as facelights, and how do you let people know to fix these issues?
  • Have you turned people away for not following it?
  • Do you have a minimal outfit prepared for when you go to performances?
  • Have you peer-pressured someone who's name appeared on the board of scripting shame?


  1. Venue's can require what ever they far as why a dress code? perhaps its to further the experience they have in store for you.. its nice to have places to go where you can dress up. Face SL there are a limited amount of light sources available,when this limit id reached, the light sources closest to ones avatar are seen leaving any other lighting the light on stage.I personally have never had to turn anyone away for anything, people for the most part are reasonable,(unless your have a name like Crap)lol.jkjk. yes..clothes are required, and giant vagina avs are not acceptable. Script count used to be the major cause of lag,but it has taken a back seat to rendering,with everyone wearing mesh bodys and heads which is making me have to derender everything and everyone when performing at the larger venues. Script count... nobody should have to point out ones script count..if theres a script count sign they should look.. theres no reason what so ever to be wearing more then 50 scripts.. you should easly get away with less then 30... so when your name is on the board in blood red letters screaming 368 scripts... someone should let them know,perhaps in im..

  2. We don't have a dress code because I want everyone to be comfortable and not have to go through the hassle of getting dressed up unless they want to. We ask people to script down and sit in the seating that we provide, to reduce lag on our dancers, and we may IM someone who is heavily scripted. We have never asked anyone to leave over it, or ejected anyone because of it. I do not have a minimal outfit for attending shows, though once I did go to a show wearing nothing but my nametag (full body alpha). It was very comfortable and easy to put on, instead of spending two hours fitting and accessorising and finding hair and shoes and all that for an outfit. How I detest having to organise outfits. Full body alpha and that's all is easiest.

  3. If someone else is ruining your immersive dance show experience by being dressed in a manner you do not like, derender them. You have that control in SL. I can't see dictating to other people how they should dress when they come to visit me, I am happy to have them there.

  4. I personally don't believe in dress codes and yes, that includes non human avatars as well. As it was pointed out earlier, you do have that right as the venue owner but why would you want to limit your audience (and tip providing) base? If it's your wish to impose a dress or avatar code, then you should plainly post it at the arrival point and give them the opportunity to change or leave instead of hitting them with the "You have to leave because..." IM.

  5. Well first of all "Proper Attire" is hardly asking for formal attire. I put that up simply because we had people coming nude, I suppose the prospect of Burlesque excited them..Im not really I have never asked anyone to leave because of their attire unless they were nude, including you Crap...
    And as for script counters, most all venues have them. In fact, this is the first year we added them because with all the SL changes lag has been horrible all around SL. People that don't dance on stage do not understand how huds on their screens can effect lag regardless if they are active or not. Its an easy fix to disable them while they are sitting and watching a show and disabling them helps greatly during performances. Most of our guests are more than happy to comply to help make their viewing experience better and more comfortable for everyone. Why don't we look at the good things venues are doing to make performances better instead of criticizing how they run their venues.

    Owner Kiki's Burlesque

    1. ty for the response, and yes, i agree with "Why don't we look at the good things venues are doing to make performances better instead of criticizing how they run their venues." which is what part 2 is going to be about, the positive side. and my questions hopefully opened it up for people to think about the impact their attire has on the experience and performance for the dancers and hosts and such. i've avoided doing critiques of venues, chat relays, and such... but at some point i do plan on doing a visual tour of some of the neat things about some venues, one of which is certainly y'alls. you set an atmosphere and a feeling, like a good frame around art.
      part 2 is going to take a while still, it's taking me a while to shape it in a way that's somehow positive.


  6. While my time in SL is spent seeking out Live Performances, Music, theater, etc. It is all so fantastic here to see the brilliance that individuals can bring and create in this world. I question the reason for this article. Proper Attire hardly means Formal Wear. Your mention of "Formal Wear Required" is nothing but "FAKE NEWS." Take a look at your own picture, read the sign. I have been to that place many times, I think through the years I have been to all of them. They always seem to have a good show. I do not dress up, I am very casual in my dress, and have never been ask to leave. As far as Human AV's, well, I do not care to be sitting next to a elephant, lol..... I totally understand their point of view as that theater is very elegant. Last but not least, why not attempt to make the play more enjoyable for all and asking these individuals with high scrip[t count to get down to a reasonable number.... We all want to enjoy the show. I just do not understand the world any longer, why are we searching for negative things to say instead of pointing out how wonderful all these live performances are.

    1. The problem with an ambiguous sign like "Proper Attire" is that what is "Proper" ? And yet, if you make the sign more specific, then it becomes a distract or ignored or a burden to explain or argue over. There's got to be a balance where it's easy to read, easy to follow, and leaves little to argument or frustration. Golly, I wonder if that relates to my RL job, right?


  7. As I read this blog, I first wonder, as mentioned by others, why be negative? Why not do a positive article? Lots of reasons come to mind but I do not feel they need to be mentioned. I did enjoy the comment "Fake News" though.
    Seems when writing a negative article, one would, at the very least, check their story and make sure it was correct.
    But never the less, Like the Fake News on real life television, lets simply write a story in a way that fits our goal...
    Shakes head with disappointment.

    As for "Proper Attire" if an individual truly has a problem figuring out what that means, it is pretty easy to ask.
    The use of a script counter, asking highly scripted individuals to try and reduce their script count, is offensive to them, they are far too sensitive to be at a burlesque show....

    As for Human avatars only, as in so many places, it is our attempt is to establish a theme, a flavor of the
    establishment. Lets compare that to say a all female lesbian club, do they want males coming there? Obviously
    not. But should a male or female feel offended? They shouldn't. As that establishment is attempting to screen
    out some that do not fit their theme.

    We do not ask 20 times for donations, we do not hound guests to join our group, these are brought up once
    during the intro monologue. Unlike almost all the other playhouses whom ask for donations numerous times
    or send out group invites numerous times during the show.

    I know I must be bias, but I have never seen a better designed playhouse then KiKi's House of Burlesque,
    I have never seen what I feel is a better production then what our Dancers put out week after week and month
    after month for the past five years. But yes, there are many others that do just as well.

    In closing, our script counter will always remain (unless LL has some miracle change and lag begins to ebb.)
    Our Proper Attire sign will always remain, as it helps with most individuals knowing to have pants,
    shirt and shoes on.... Our Human Avatar sign will always remain, as it pushes forward the flavor, theme of
    the Playhouse we wish to have attendees feel when experiencing an event at KiKi'S House of Burlesque.

    There is so much greatness here in Secondlife, at all these shows, you will see astonishing sets,
    creativity that many would never have the opportunity to display but for Secondlife. Let's all grasp the
    greatness, forgo the negativity, flourish with grandeur and be 100% positive.

    Long Live Secondlife !