Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Spirit Light Dance Company


October 4th, 11th & 18th --  12 noon slt

Spirit Light Dance Company's 10th Anniversary Show
October 4th, 11th & 18th
12 Noon SLT

I can’t believe it!!  Maybe you can’t either!  But the Spirit Light Dance Company (SLDC) is now ten years old!  In another few years, it can qualify for a driver’s license!  What were you doing ten years ago in SL (OK, you don’t have to fess up)?  

In honor of its tenth anniversary, SLDC will present a dance retrospective—a greatest hits event, if you will—from selected shows over the years.  The performances will be on October 4, 11, and 18.  Expect to be regaled by dances from classical ballet, Spanish tempos, modern explorations, jazz rhythms, contemporary beats, country music, and of course, everybody’s favorite, Bollywood!!  

Why is SLDC still around?  It’s because of a decade of constant study and innovation by SLDC members on how best to unlock the secrets of blending next-generation technology with classic choreography.  Where in the physical world can we so effortlessly perform a dance ensemble in thin air without resorting to imagination (or lots of cables)?  Where can dancers swim with the fishes . . . and breathe with the fishes?  Where can gravity-defying and breathtakingly colorful sets be erected with the click of a switch?   Over the last decade, SLDC has invited us to be guests on voyages through lands in which only the imagination roams.  

Why is SLDC still around?  It’s because of the people!  Innovation doesn’t happen without innovators.  Vision doesn’t appear without visionaries.  And building doesn’t get done without builders.  But of primary importance, SLDC is a community—even a family of sorts—in which all members are encouraged to participate and to share in each other’s gifts.  Their artistry is spawned from a collection of individual efforts.  

And then there is Caryl, the founder and current Director of SLDC.  Her real-life choreographic experience, her creativity, her energy, and her relentless pursuit of artistic perfection have produced the spark that has kept the company moving.  She is already planning (probably in her usual meticulous detail) the next ten years.  

So please come and join us for this special event!  Bring your tapping toes, your sense of wonderment, and for many of you, your memories of what has been at SLDC, and your anticipation of what lies ahead.  Remember, at Rockcliffe University auditorium, 12:00 noon SLT, on October 4, 11, and 18.
See you there!!  

--Ariel Cifuentes

                                Please arrive with your scripts 50 or under...          

                          The Theater of Light at Rockcliffe University.
Come early to insure seating.  Please Keep your Scripts 50 or under... Thank You

              Come and enjoy!