Friday, September 18, 2020

La Coquette Cabaret


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 September 13th @ 6:00pmslt
 September 20th @ 1:00pmslt
 September 27th @ 5:00pmslt

                     ❃ڿڰۣ  La Coquette Cabaret ڰۣ--❃      
                                  *~BODYPAINT ME.~*
In many cultures around the world body panting and tattoos are used enhance the human form. Indigenous people have used all types of natural coloring to decorate their body. The American Indian painted their faces and bodies  before battle. Henna and Body Marbling are seen in exotic countries. Many cities around the world have festivals celebrating this art form. Join us as we show off our painted bodies! Less is Best as they say!

Then....Join us for the best afterparty on the grid! When DJ Dune will continue the party in the lobby spinning great tunes while the rest of us shake our booty on La Machine!

Special instructions/dress code if one:
This is an Adult sim the show does contain some nudity. No child avatars will be permitted. Dress to Impress!!