Wednesday, September 23, 2020



Saturday 26th September, 1pm slt..Return of James Bond

A very special show danced by  quite special dance troupe

Dancing to well known James Bond themes with spectacular effects and Choreography that will blow you away, Debauche are proud to bring James Bond to the Trophy Room

Please come dressed in style for afterwards is a special Black and white themed ball party that James himself would feel proud of. Tuxes or similar for guys, lovely black or white gowns for the ladies please with low scripts

Saturday 26th September, 1pm slt James Bond at the Trophy Room


Sunday 27th September, For our Erin

 Erin logged out of Second Life on the 26th September 2018 for the very last time 
 We at Debauche will always dedicate the last Sunday in September to her memory 
  Erin was the most beautiful, friendly, caring and loving person care to meet. She never had a bad word for anybody
 Erin was one of the original dancers in Debauche line up, she's sadly missed and was a very special lady. Later on Erin became our mascot 
 She was everything, just a diamond, she used to call me smiler and Laura Little Dreamer
Though Sunday's show will have one or two thoughtful dances it will be happy and joyful just like Erin would like it to be

Sunday 27th September, The Erin Gobraghless Show