Thursday, May 30, 2019

Virtuoso Performing Arts Presents Poetry in Motion!

                                                              *** VIRTUOSO PERFORMING ARTS ***
                                                                      * POETRY IN MOTION* 
                                             * SATURDAY 1ST JUNE / SUNDAY 2ND JUNE -  AT NOON SLT *
            In a fabulous spectacle of Music, Light, Illusion and Movement, VIRTUOSO will be presenting to you a unique creative concept within Second Life, combining Music, Poetry, Prose, Art and Dance, to evoke thoughts along a spectrum of human emotions and awe.

            The Team have worked  hard to bring it all together, under the creative vision of VIRTUOSO Performance Director, Klark Harvy, and through the reading of a book of selected poems, each individual Choreographer interprets each poem portrayed through movement.

            Dance sprites will whisk us away and carry us through the pages, bringing the poems to life!
As the show starts, the book is opened and the first dance begins with a heady feeling of what dance brings to us all, begging us to keep the fire burning and KEEP DANCING!

Through the reading of a book of selected poems, each individual Choreographer has interpreted their poem portrayed through artistic symbolism and Dance.

The Finale takes everyone through the Seasons of Life, showing us that ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE!

            The Dance Sprites return once more to the pages they were drawn upon and from, and as the book closes... the magic of the World of Words sleeps again.                                           

                                                  This is the first VIRTUOSO MAIN SHOW of the year!
                                                                  AT ALL DANCE SKILL LEVELS.
                                                                       DANCE UPON A DREAM
                                                         With Journey Academy of Performing Arts
                                                                     Pathways to Performance
                                                                  VIRTUOSO PERFORMING ARTS
                                                                       A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE

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