Sunday, May 19, 2019

Misfit Dance & Performance Art

Misfit Dance & Performance Art presents:
    Misfit Follies
                 ~ a showcase of Theater Dance Art
               Come join the fun!   
  - LIVE dancing on the big stage with full costumes, fun sets, and awesome music ~  Think BROADWAY in SL! 
May  2019  -   2 performance dates at our theater with our new earlier time!

Wed   May 22         Showtime    6 PM SL

Encore presentation   Wed    May 29           Showtime    6 PM SL

  We will feature our King Kong number  " Hooray for Hollywood" in our May show!  Have you seen him??  He's 20 meters tall and full of surprises!  Come join the fun!


Cold Cash
Cinco de Julio
Cutie Pie
Hooray for Hollywood
Under the Big Top
On The Clock

Come experience our Misfit Dance Cam HUD -  where you  wear a little HUD button  and WE - control what you see!   It's like a video LIVE on stage -  so amazing    =)

  Please arrive early to guarantee your seat and to allow our animations and special effects to preload in your viewer.

          Misfit Dance & Performance Art -  eXpect the uneXpected!
    Misfit Forest Theater
Come see the show