Saturday, May 4, 2019

MADaboutDANCE - Just Feelings on move

MADaboutDANCE Company presents
Just Feelings on move
Musical Production: DJ Golfinhazul Rosca
Art Direction: Janjii R. Nataraj
Cast: Reinah Sapphire, Walquirian, Janjii R. Nataraj

8th may at 5PM SLT
15th may at 2PM SLT

Janjii’s Virtual Dance Center

As a result  of a collaborative process between Janjii Rugani and DJ Golfinhaazul Rosca “Just Feelings on Move” a virtual dance piece with 7 choreographies inspired by Jenkis songs.
The process was done in meetings where we heard the vast repertoire of this exceptional musician and then we chose seven to create the choreography.
We did some improvisations to see if it would be possible to choreograph with the animations of SL and we got some interesting results that led to the final decision to carry out the project. We invited dancers to compose the cast and in the various rehearsals the details were being defined
Just Feelings is a work in which dance is the main element, we emphasize movement and its drawing in space and dramaticity which is enhanced by colorful and dynamic particles to create a strong emotional charge.
Our desire is to offer an aesthetic experience, a feast for emotions and senses.
after show all are invited to join us in a collective dance workshop
Waiting  for you

MADaboutDANCE Company
After several virtual dance workshops I held in Second Life in 2013 formed the company MADaboutDANCE under my artistic direction and with the participation of avatars Sophialan Bandler, Wan Laryukov and Golfinha Rosca, as well as guest avatars.
From the beginning it constitutes a group of dance open to avatars of different nationalities and is dedicated to develop collaborative projects of virtual dance that use the technology of avatars animation of Second Life combined the method of improvisation of Rudolf Laban in the process of creation.
The different works of our portifolio show the various experiences / choreographies that have allowed us to experiment and learn ways to compose virtual dance pieces in which a more technical work predominates based on the resources of the environment, and sometimes the avatars are not like puppets attached to a HUD or dance pad, and has the freedom to create his or her own movement by exploiting the expressiveness of group animations and formations through kinesthetic empathy.
These experiences have led us to a high degree of technical mastery of virtual dance, and so today the work requires a specialization of the dancers.
 That is why we offer to the general public and avatars who wish to participate in our group, Virtual Dance Workshops as a resource for training new dancers and the development of avatars that wish to dedicate themselves more intensely to this activity.
Janjii Rugani Nataraj
Artistic Director
MADaboutDANCE company

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