Wednesday, May 1, 2019

*NEW* May Raffle

The current month's raffle prize is being sponsored by Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company and offered by Phizz Puchkina. Here's how it will work...

Because at this time Abranimations does not do gift cards, Phizz has worked it out so the prize can still be animations from the store, Yay! *Phizz and R each increased the prize by 1k! so now the prize is 4000L to spend at Abranimations for one winner. When the winner is chosen they  go to Abranimations and decide what they wanted to buy and NC the details of what they want and then Phizz will contact Abramelin and pay him, tell him the winners name and what they want and he sends the items as gifts to the winner. Thank you Phizz for your donation to our raffle!

Just 50L to enter and entry fee is to support Dance Queens tier and raffles, shows, events. Thank you for your continued support and good luck all!