Friday, May 31, 2019

LiveStream Classes at Dance Queens

Hello Fellow Twinkle-Toes!

Well, the LiveStream classes are going GREAT so far -at least as far as my growing but novice skills at using the applications will allow it. :-) The comments from students about the format allowing them to actually see my screen during class have all been terrific. I'd like to expand a little and consider many topics that have been previously difficult due to the reliance of the edit, inventory and viewer windows. Considering, I'd like to make a couple of points and request some feedback!

- During the LiveStream experience, you 'may' have both screens open at once but it is by not means required. Computer capabilities vary and so can this experience. If you wish to watch only in SL or YouTube that is FINE! Currently, I only follow chat in SL but as my skills increase, I will open up the Stream chat and follow it at the same time allowing you to fully participate as an observer in YT only.

-Please choose to listen to either the SL voice OR the YT stream voice, but not both. Not only is it computer resource heavy but you will hear an echo. Choose which works best for you.

-I am trying to come up with a seating arrangement that will allow those who do not wish to be seen on camera to remain out of camera range. However, I do show the local chat, so if you don't wish your name to appear there, keep that in mind. I do turn off nametags (at least I try).

-Consent to appear on video is required in SL by the TOS. (FYI to all of those who enjoy videotaping shows). So attendance at the class, which is announced as LiveStreamed, will be considered consent. I will always strive to comply with the wishes of those who prefer to remain off camera.

-I will post the recordings of the LiveStream on my Blog Website and Channel as long as the recording quality is reasonable. There are never any guarantees. Please consider the recordings as a reminder while you practice what we did in class.

-This medium allows some great opportunities for expanded classes! What would YOU like to see that has been difficult before? Building classes, Particle creation classes, Wardrobing tool classes, Inventory management classes, What ideas do YOU have?

Coming in July... MetaHarper Show Tool Classes! That's right folks. Finally open classes in using the MetaHarper (MST) family of show/choreography tools. Watch the Calendar for dates and class descriptions! As always, at the DQ Classroom.