Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Royale Cabaret Entertainment - A Creep Show / Your Nightmare

Royale Cabaret Entertainers
A Creep Show / Your Nightmares
10/25/18 @ 6 PM Thursday slt
10/27/18 @ Noon Saturday slt
10/27/18 @ 6 pm Saturday Slt

Royale Cabaret Entertainers presents CREEP SHOW, YOUR NIGHTMARES. When ghosts and goblins reign at night you will surely find them at the CREEP SHOW, YOUR NIGHTMARES.  A uniquely created show with all your favorite Halloween themes, completely choreographed dancers with grisly sets to make you cringe and songs chosen to enrapture your soul.   Come scream along with us as our show will transport you to your darkest nightmares and childhood fears. They're hear nowwww.  You should be too!