Thursday, October 18, 2018

Debauche and Oasis, Second Anniversary Weekend!

Debauche and Oasis
Saturday 20th October, 12pm SLT

Two AMAZING years

Debauche celebrate their second birthday this week with two special shows.

Saturday 20th October, 12pm SLT

Our wowtastic  friends from Oasis join us to put on a special celebration show, featuring both classic and new dance routines to amaze, spellbind, thrill and delight. LOVE having Oasis with us for this wonderful time.

Please do not miss this great show.

Saturday 20th October, 12pm SLT

Come see the show!

... and

Sunday 21st October 12.45 pm

This is the one. This is the show YOU chose. All of the votes are in and counted. Tonight, we dance the routines YOU asked for. All of your favourites from the past 12 months in one special show. And we just cannot wait to dance them all!

This show may be slightly longer than usual, you chose so many, but how great is that? EVEN MORE DEBAUCHE for all of us! YAY!!

Please arrive early as it will fill up fast. Dress is....oh whatever you want but please keep the scripts low.

Love to see you all there

Sunday 21st October, 1pm SLT

Debauche - the vertical expression of a horizontal desire

Come see the show!