Tuesday, October 2, 2018

*NEW* Dance Queens Challenge

This challenge is called "Hold My Hand, I Will Take You There."

You will pick a number between 1 and 21, each number correlates to a LM.  You will get that LM, then go visit that sim, and use that to inspire a dance.  It does not have to be a duplicate of the sim visited.  Just inspired by what you experience, see, hear, and feel when you are visiting it. Please visit the whole sim, areas included in the theme or title.

Don't just drop, take a picture and leave. We will know ;P

Some sims have group joiners or rez rights fees or RP rules, however none of these are needed to visit and observe on the sim. Just be respectful that some may be residential locations or roleplay sims and respect their rules please, for example don't RP if you aren't wanting to RP.  This should be a challenge, so step up and make the best of the location you get! Make a commitment to your challenge, that is part of the fun! So, on your marks, get set, take us there and show us what you saw, heard, felt during your visit.

Show: Saturday Jan 12th 2pm SLT
Rehearsal: Sunday Jan 6th 10am and 7pm SLT

Show: Saturday Jan 12th 2pm SLT
Rehearsal: Sunday Jan 6th 10am and 7pm SLT

Only 12 spots will be available. 

To sign up please visit the Info center at Dance Queens and click on the poster matching the one above, you will be given a performer card.
 Contact Web Sass to choose your number, receive your LM and return card to reserve your spot.
Thank you for your interest in the challenges.