Thursday, October 18, 2018

Burn 2 - I, Robot


So excited!

We at Guerilla Burlesque joined by Terpsicorps Artwerks have been working hard to put together a camp that is out of this world! We have landed, set up digs and officially colonized Second Life's Burning Man festival - BURN2 I, Robot.  Our space port is designed for you, to come play, chill, relax and enjoy your time throughout the week of Burn2.

It is custom to follow the Burning man theme and this year it is I Robot! This event is all about the creativity of interstellar art! Events will run for the next week and a half so come and share in the fun with us! We will have live music, dance shows, shenanigans on the playa, parties, DJs and interactive fun for you starting on Saturday, October 20th!

Journey to space on a trip to a new dimension of entertainment from Planet Earth’s finest live music events provided by Meegan Danitz! Come participate in an interactive dance with Cordelia Cerise, or find a really cool space costume to wear at one of the many scheduled event shows provided by the galaxy's most talented dance performers and other space oddities on the playa!

You are not required to dress up at all, but if any of these events inspires you to want to dress up let’s do it! Everyday there will be something different to do so join the inworld groups and keep checking the calendar to pick your event, plan your costume and hang out with us at Burn!
Hope to see you there!

Space port location.