Monday, October 29, 2018

Let's Dance Education Classes

We are pleased to announce that Dance Queens will be offering education classes about all aspects of dance in SL. Classes are to be run by Elayn and sometimes with another educator for added support.

*Classes will be conducted in voice (in English) as long as SL permits. You don't have to speak, but please be prepared to listen. You may use typed chat if you prefer. Prerequisites for this class are an open mind and a sense of humor. You do not need to own any 'equipment' for some classes but if expected, the tools needed are listed. Class is scheduled for one hour but the instructor will make herself available for another hour to answer individual questions or entertain discussion.

Tues Nov 6 2018  4 - 5 class, 5-6 available
1. So You Think You Can Dance?
    For anyone who has seen performance dance in SL and wonders what it takes to be a Dancer, Choreographer, Director/Producer. What is actually happening up there on stage! What does it take to create the experience that the audience sees? What does it cost to start and what do I gain from the experience? Money? Fame? A messy inventory? Why do people do this at all?
 Responsible Dancers and Responsible Dance Leadership
 Don't dancers just stand on a mover and ride? Do I actually have to DO anything? Are dancers really that important? As a dance leader/choreographer, I'm the boss, right? What do my dancers expect from me? What do producer/directors expect from me? What do my dance troupe mates expect from me? What does the AUDIENCE expect from me? Where's my MONEY/FAME/GLORY!? Dance acts are a group effort even if you are a solo dancer. Let's discuss what will be expected of each of us to make a whole wonderful act come together smoothly so that the best reward is to have FUN!


Tues Nov 13 2018 4 - 5 class, 5-6 available
2. Oh the things you can do with a Prim!
Basic Building Skills for Dancers and Choreographers. BASICS.. this is a review or introduction to Basics!
  • How to rez, move, size, re-size, link, insert scripts, texture, manipulate and just basically play with prims
  • The basics of how to create particles, that's right particles with nothing but your bare hands!
  • Lag and scripts. What they are. What they are not. How to reduce them!

Tues Nov 20 2018 4 - 5 class, 5-6 available    
3. Spot On: Smooth Dancer
    Learn to use the Smooth Dancer to animate yourself or a group. Learn to load, record dances, edit the note card and push around your friends! Please have a good understanding of basic prim editing such as rezzing, editing, and moving files in inventory. You should already own the Smooth Dancer HUD before class.


Tues Nov 27 2018 4 - 5 class, 5-6 available
4. Spot On: Choreo Designer
    Learn to create a basic movement route, manage notecards within the movers and incorporate movers with a dance hud like Smooth Dancer or Performance Director. You should already own the Choreography Designer system before class.

Please join us if these topics have piqued your interest, whether as a new dancer, an interested dancer or a refresher class.

Classes held HERE