Saturday, February 10, 2018

Possible stolen animation content...

Web on the dance pad

We got a report from the membership that there was a dance animations store that appeared to be selling duplicates of dances from other stores.
.::: < DANCE ANIMATIONS SEXY STORE < :::. HUD Dance Animations
ANIMATIONS Motion Capture Dances & AO

dance,AO,animation,dancing,power, head, mesh , belleza, maitreya, gift, money, linden dollars, friends, meshes, love, sofa, fun, entertain, sex,beach, nude, birds,dancehall dance electro house reggaeton salsa

Web checked out the Michael Jackson dances and compared them to the originals. They're a match with My Animations. (And... the copier raised the prices? Now that's cheeky.)

When confronted by others, he banned them from his store.

More stolen dances? 

Also a LM offered to another store selling HUDs and cheaper copies:


Animations , Mocap Dances , Bento Animations , Animation Overriders , Fun Toys , Games , Gadgets , Vehicle , Weapons , Avatars and Couples Animations. Full Perms Animations , sex,beach, nude, birds,dancehall reggaeton salsa bachata ...
We strongly advise that you avoid the particular stores. (No, I'm not going to post the SLURLs.)

Dance Queens urges everyone to support the original creators of dances and animations. Without your support for their hard work and creativity, they won't create new ones for you to buy and use.

And thank you to the Dance Queens membership for reporting this issue and getting the word out.


  1. Thank you very much for the heads up! I admit that I am skeptical when a new store opens up though. I really appreciate our animations stores and when they supply us with new dances so hope that these others are banned from sl.

  2. Related: The best thing that anyone can do is report stolen anims privately to the original merchants/uploaders. Only they, or their agents, can actually do anything about it via the DMCA portal. You may think that filing an AR helps, but it doesn't. LL cannot legally take any action without a DMCA take-down notice being filed by the legit owners of the copyrighted material.

  3. Hi, I just got given some "gogo" etc dances. All stolen (most i checked) from MOVE! (leni) I have bought alot of leni and its amazing gogo8 IS leni 45 etc. I was really annoyed when this casual dancer started showing quality dances that i could visually recognised as Leni, steph dances from MOVE! and just gave me the folder when I asked! so annoying since I spend ages choosing the dances and paying for then to be unique!