Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Performer and group profiles charity challenge...

Hi there. (I know I've been posting a lot over the past few weeks, so I'll type slowly so you can take your time to catch up.)

We're still in the process of updating the performer and group profiles pages. Got a lot of notecards from y'all, but I know there's a whole lot more of you who have yet to respond.

So that we don't lose the historical record, the old bios and logos have moved to the bottom of the pages.

I'm thinking of priming the engine a bit. Let's say that I put down a charity challenge, offering up a donation of 100L for every valid performer profile and a donation of 200L for every valid group profile. Maximum of $100US worth of donations, and the only rule is Wheaton's Law.

First thing I'd need to know is what charity, right? I know that a lot of folks support RFL, but as good a deed they do, there's others out there too, right? There's the Autism one, which hits close to home. A few of y'all do events for them, yes?

So, let's do it. Autism Society. Hundred bucks on the line. Get those notecards in by... let's say the end of February., okay? If you don't have a notecard, ask me for one... R. Crap Mariner.


PS: Here's some charities that won't make the cut:

  • Doctors without Barnes and Nobles.
  • The United Way of Dealing With Oversold Flights
  • The Red Crescent Roll
  • Amnesty International House of Pancakes
  • Salvation Coast Guard
  • Easter Walruses