Friday, February 16, 2018

Dance Queens Multi-Troupe Showcase

Join us Saturday at 1pm SLT for this special event as some of the best dancers and choreographers from around the grid come together to celebrate the love of dance. A beautiful variety of acts from class to sass and everything in between, gathering for the sole purpose of entertainment and awe.

Things are a bit different this time but same kind of fun! This time the director will be Immy (imrhien.fargis). The DJ will be Ame (amethyst.starostin). The choreographers for this show have brought amazing acts, these choreographers and the troupes they represent are as follows:

  • Ryan Sawyer from Center Stage
  • Adma & Bella from A&M Maniacs
  • Tyli Tyles form Oasis Dancers
  • Britt Collins from Noir Neverland
  • Lina Aurotharius from Winds of The Saraha Cabaret
  • Babypea & Web from Elysium Cabaret
  • Antonio from Men In Motion
  • Laura & Severina from Debauche
  • Exhi Nirvana from Luxe Girls
  • SarahRho from Rompers
  • Diawa Bellic From Euphoria
  • Melvis Baum from Dance Queens
Please arrive early as the sim will fill! Thank you for your support of Dance Queens, dedicated to informing and serving the dance community!