Thursday, January 25, 2018

The things we learn...

Club Escape - January 24 2018

I go to a lot of dance performances and I see a lot of things that I do not understand.
For instance, why do a lot of people type a row of eights at the shows performed by Japanese residents (for example, Club Image, Club eScape, Cossette)?
So, I asked Fumon Crystal about it,

R. (crap.mariner): (do the 8s mean applause?)
Fumon Crystal: true,and I explain it exactly
Fumon Crystal: 8 = pachi = clap sound ( onomatopee ) in Japan
R. (crap.mariner): ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Fumon Crystal: lol very simple:)
R. (crap.mariner): ty
Fumon Crystal: and we do NOT pronounce 8 as pachi . 8= hachi[06:50] Fumon Crystal: So.... " 888 " is akida ...easy gesture as " applause " in Japan only:)

R. (crap.mariner): :)
Fumon Crystal: same pronunciation "8888 " -> パチパチパチパチパチパチパチパチ (◕ ‿ ◕ )∂

That's neat. Thank you, Fumon. Now I know, and now y'all know, too.

What things have you learned from dance performance in Second Life?
And what things do you not understand that you've never thought to ask about?

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