Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Performers Wanted! Rise, Resist, Unite!

Performers of SL, Join the rise for equal rights for Women everywhere!

On February 14th, Valentines day we will have our yearly 24 hr manifestation in SL.

4 sims of information, Art, Poetry, Live music, DJs & Performances give an event packed 24 hours of fun and contemplation.

This coincides with the Real Life, worldwide manifestation that you can read more of below.

Want to be part of it? Do you have a show you would like to perform? Or an act or 1 to join a variety show?

Please fill out the The Application NC included in the notice sent out and return to Aelva Resident by January the 25th and I will have a lineup of performances ready by January 31st. To retrieve the application note card after the notice, go to Dance Queens group info in world and click on past notices, they will be available for 2 weeks. You can also contact Aelva or Web Sass for the application.

Further information will be sent upon signup.

Due to the nature of this event, we ask for no nudity, violence or sexual nature in the performances. There is a wide range in the visitors and the event may be considered PG, a safe zone for all, so we wish you respect this aspect of it.

If you are curious about this movement, and see what we have done last couple of years, you can read more on the links below: