Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ankle Locks

I feel like this is one of those "Don't take a leak on an electric fence" posts.

No, I'm not a performer. But I've been known to hop on a stand for a Club Image or Elysium Cabaret group dance.

Club Image - November 26, 2017
In a bright sunny happy pastel world, I wear black.

When I wear my Bax boots, they have built-in ankle locks. And they work, but that adds script load to the sim. If I remove scripts from my clothes and hair to reduce load on the sim, because I actually listen to the preflight announcement before shows and get guiltshamed into it, I end up loose-ankled.

When I wear my Agata Gail boots, I have to remember to add the ankle lock to that outfit, or I get at least one IM telling me to put them on. But if the region is overloaded, the script doesn't kick in, or the priority on the ankle lock is less than the priority on the dance... fail.

And I can't remember how many performances where someone IM-whispers about a performer's ankle locks. (Of all the pairs of things to be looking at, "ankles"doesn't break the top five.)

<seinfeld>What's the deal with ankle locks?</seinfeld>


  1. There is a cute little gizmo from kitty wants milk that is 95L that comes in a HUD or non HUD version that fixes ankles and wrists, neck, head and eyes (which I only use for photos) but the wrist fix can help guys hands look more "manly" with some dances that uses a minimum of scripts...I have it attached all the time so it just ends up in outfits by default and I never have broken ankles it to death!!