Friday, January 12, 2018

Phoenix Dance Team - NEW TIME!

We're back after the spending the holiday's with family and friends. However, this time.. we have changed our show time to 5pm !! We can't wait to show you what we've been doing to kick off the New Year. Of course we are honored to have with us this week guest dancers Lynxa Wilde and Misha. Our wonderful babbling DJ Cara will be there to welcome you and provide all of the music. After the show.. DJ Vlad will be out in our garden gazebo to entertain us during our after party. So grab those friends and family and head over to the Phoenix Theater on Saturday for some fun, laughter and dance.

Directors of the night will be:
Fafnir Kiranov
Gracie Lyonesse ( Debuting as a Phoenix Dance Member )
JP Damien
Immy Porthos
Lily Pussycat
Taema Mynx
Vanity Black
Zach & Ame Starostin

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