Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fusion Dance Crew - HEROES

Fusion Dance Crew returns to the stage at The Fusion Performing Arts Center with its latest show: HEROES on SATURDAY, November 11 @ 3PM SLT.
What is a hero? A hero is a person who is strong, smart, selfless, courageous, brave and honest. With that in mind, the Crew was asked to create a routine of their favorite hero, whether the person is in RL, movies, music, or just someone they admire in reality. In today's world, we all need heroes. It wasn't hard for the Crew to pick their favorite hero and create routines that full of interesting sets and costumes.

Using our eclectic style of selecting songs from many musical genres, for this show we present, 6 dance routines to music by Queen, John Williams, Tina Turner, Fifth Harmony, Zayde Wolf and Bonnie Tyler . Come experience HEROES as Fusion Dance Crew takes to the stage for another interesting and exciting show!